March 13th, 2009

Sorry for my english… If you can help me or correct some sentences, you’re welcome!

Programming is not my first job. Please be cool.

- DRLB. (Do I need another name ?): A software load-balancer for BSD.

- xtop: sample xentop remplacement.

- gdksetroot: A very little program to set your X background. Use only gtk+.

- MySNMP: how to monitor mysql with snmp and cacti.

- PgSNMP: how to monitor postgresql with snmp and cacti.

- Patch: some patch for NetBSD.

- nelly2pcm: patch for timing enhancements.

- Dead projects..

I also keep archives of Dave Small (in french). Some of his texts published on ST Mag

jym [at] ldh [dot] org

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